Mid-April recipe round-up

Yes, I’m posting two weeks in a row! I really do see a lot of fabulous recipes. It’s not really my fault if so many of the ones that catch my eye are desserts, is it?

First up, this wonderful recipe for Cadbury Egg brownies from Beth Cato. It’s definitely the time of year to think of Cadbury Eggs, but cutting the sweetness a notch by pairing them with a brownie base? Genius!

Then, because my son loves Almond Joys (and I love magic layer bars), I present double chocolate magic bars. Yes, with almonds and coconut — which means my son and I are the only ones who will eat them around here. (I haven’t made them yet for that reason.)

This recipe I did try — it’s super easy, with only two ingredients (white chocolate chips and pre-made frosting), and you can make it in a variety of flavors (depending on what type of frosting you grab). The recipe was for easy strawberry fudge; I made Key lime. There’s only one piece left, though, and I think the next batch is going to be strawberry.

And last but not least, a recipe for General Tso’s chicken from scratch. As written, it’s probably too spicy for my kids, but they love Gen. Tso’s, so I’ll probably be playing with this.

(And yes, I put all the desserts first for a reason. Life is uncertain, right?)

New feature!

So, you lucky people (if there are indeed any reading this blog, which I take leave to doubt), I’ve come up with a new idea to amuse you while I’m a) working on craft projects but don’t yet have anything to show for it, b) writing on Corn Maze Murders, and c) planning out another mystery series I might launch next year. What is this fascinating new idea, you ask?


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