Cups of cake

Which is completely different than cupcakes. My friend Bonnie recently pointed me to a post on Cake Wrecks for steampunk cakes. There were some truly gorgeous cakes on there, including the hat with the clockwork butterflies that she’d originally called to my attention.

I alo loved the cups on that page.

Then I followed some of the links to the creators of the cakes. There are some truly gorgeous cakes out there. (I informed my son he doesn’t get one with dragon-shaped dragons for his birthday, but he says that’s not what he wants. Win-win!) And I ran across a lovely stack of teacup-shaped cakes with flowers made of frosting from Christopher Garren’s.

If my daughter ever decides to have tea parties, I’ll . . . work up to something like that. We’ll start with a single teacup-shaped cake, I think.

3 thoughts on “Cups of cake

    • I’m trying to decide whether the gears are fondant or sugar. The steam curls are clearly hard sugar. So you’re right — probably doable. Now, what occasion would I have for them? (Oooh! Book launch party!)

      • I’m thinking chocolate steam curls ๐Ÿ˜€

        The gears look like sugar to me, but fondant might be easier to work with. Depending on what one was doing with the gears, it might be possible to cut them from a sheet of fruit leather, too.

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