Eenie, meenie, minie . . .

Three cozy paperbacks

Recent books I was choosing between to reread.

I love cozy mysteries, and I love going back to read old favorites — for some reason, they seem to epitomize the coziness of the genre for me.

Recently, I grabbed three books off a pile of paperbacks in the living room — Partners in Crime because I love Tommy and Tuppence, Whose Body? because there is no better frisson than that created by soaking in a tub while reading about a mysterious body found in a tub, and Death by Darjeeling because tea provides its own level of comfort. I elected to read the tea shop book first.

I’m actually fairly disappointed with the results. The storyline itself is fine, and the characters are engaging, but the author kept losing me on the details — like pouring out batter to make scones (rather than rolling out dough) or taking off the canvas top on the Jeep Cherokee. (In the first mention, it’s just a Jeep, which is fine, but the introduction of a specific model, and one that is not a convertible, bothered me.) I have no doubt that Ms. Childs knows Charleston and is knowledgeable about tea, I did read and enjoy several books in this series (I took a hiatus a few years back for personal reasons), and I intend to read the rest of the series. However, if these problems with detail bother you, you might look elsewhere.

How about you? What are you reading these days?

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    • No, she’s definitely not cozy. I think that’s the last Gerritsen my husband and I listened to, on our 2009 vacation. An excellent book!

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