Here I am!

Over on my main page, I recently posted that I was having trouble with setting up multiple blogs and would have to go with a subdomain. I’ve done that, and I’m live!

Well, sort of.

I’ve got it installed, I’ve configured the appearance, and I’ve even set up some plug-ins (such as Akismet). However, what I wanted was for WordPress to accept rather than as the address structure. After some playing behind the scenes for a bit, I’ve decided it can’t be done for individual posts and pages, although it does work for the front page.

I’m still waiting a couple of days before I announce my presence to the world to give myself a bit of time to play.

Just as well, since I said I wouldn’t get this site up and running this month.

If you’ve somehow found me anyway, pour yourself a cup of tea, grab a comfy chair, and settle in. Try not to mind the dust too much as I move things around.

4 thoughts on “Here I am!

  1. I’ll do the cup of tea. but was thinking of trying to paint water (Lake Tahoe, actually), so that it looks like the picture I’m copying. Changed the actual photo I did, but plan to cut it down, anyway. I don’t really have a cozy to read right now. Just thrillers and Sharon McCone (Marcia Muller). Yes, I would rather paint than read. Can you believe it?

    • Cup of tea kind of you. The painting sounds wonderful. Next time we get out that way, we must take the kids up to the lake.

      I’m a little surprised you’d rather paint than read, but hooray for creativity!

  2. Like I was surprised when you were knitting instead of crocheting? Or, you were quilting? Such patience!

    No, my back pain stopped that so I began to re-read my Marne Davis Kellogg books. She’s a jewel thief. Her character is a jewel thief. Lots of fun. I think it could be a cozy. I don’t think P.D. James is a cozy, but that’s just my opinion.

    • LOL! I don’t think very many people think of “patience” when they think of me. 😀

      I’ll have to look for those Kellogg books. They sound like fun.

      P.D. James has Inspector Dalgliesh, right? So, police procedurals.

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