Layered cookies. Or brownies?

I got this idea from Facebook, and it looked so simple, I just had to try it. When my son’s band solicited donations for a dessert hour, I had my chance.

The concept is simple: in a muffin pan, you put in a spoonful of brownie batter and a spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough. You bake as you would for brownies, but for less time.

The process:

chocolate chip cookie dough

Mixing bowl full of cookie dough. Doesn’t it look good enough to eat?

First, I made my cookie dough. I made up a double batch. This, it turns out, was way more than I needed. In fact, a single batch of cookie dough would have worked for a double batch of brownies. That’s okay; chocolate chip cookies do get eaten around this house. As does the cookie dough.

brownie batter

Brownie batter, all mixed and ready to use.

Next, I made my brownie batter. Although I used to be a purist and make my brownies from scratch, I’ve found it’s much easier and quicker to just grab a box of whatever’s on sale and bake that. (My daughter’s partial to the Pillsbury Funfetti mix because she likes the colored candy bits on top, but for this recipe, I went with Betty Crocker’s Fudge Brownies — the 13 x 9 size.)

Cupcake liners

The final “ingredient” for assembly.

My muffin tin’s old and beat up (Okay, not that old, and it would be in better condition if I didn’t soak it in water before cleaning it. I’d like to get a silicone one where that’s not an issue. Someday.), so I used cupcake liners for the actual baking.

cookie dough

Everything lined up and ready to go.

cookie dough in muffin pan

First half done — cookie dough on the bottom of the first six and brownie batter on the bottom of the second six.

cookie dough and brownie mix layered

The layered ingredients, all set to go in the oven.

I saw variations with both the cookie dough and the brownie batter on the bottom, so I tried some of each. For the record, I think the liners come off more readily with the cookie dough on the bottom, although you might lose a chocolate chip or two.

Partly cooked brownie/cookie layers.

After baking for 15 minutes.

I started off by baking them for a bit more than half the time I would bake brownies — I started checking around 15 minutes. They weren’t done, but they were looking good.

Baked cookie/brownies.

The end result.

The finished products looked wonderful. They tasted pretty good, too.