Lots of yummy goodness

I’ve been mining Beth Cato’s Bready or Not posts this summer. Every week, she posts some new goodness. I know I’ve linked to her site before, but these are recipes I’ve tried since then.

One of the first ones I tried this summer was Oreo Fudge. I wasn’t entirely sure it would work, but what was the worst that could happen? If it didn’t set, it would top ice cream. If it was too grainy, it would still be delicious. Well, it did work — I took it to a party where it was a big hit, and the next week I made more for home.

The next recipe I tried, crock pot pesto ranch chicken thighs, was a bit more experimental — I loved everything in it, but I figured the kids might be hesitant about the pesto. Oh, my! So delicious! The girl ate a little, the boy liked it (“It’s okay”), and my husband had seconds. That’s definitely going on the recipe rotation. I made my own pesto, but next time, I might buy jarred stuff to make my life easier.

And the most recent recipe? Well, I’m in the middle of making bacon crack (chocolate covered bacon toffee). Toffee’s setting in the fridge now, and I’ll do the chocolate coating tomorrow. I have no worries, though — I nibbled some off the spoon, and it’s fabulous.

She has lots of other recipes I want to try, too. For example, my husband likes biscuits and gravy for breakfast, so I might try her recent(ish) buttermilk biscuit recipe. I highly, highly recommend checking out Beth’s recipes.

2 thoughts on “Lots of yummy goodness

    • Thank you for having such wonderful recipes!

      I probably ate way too much of he bacon toffee before coating with chocolate. It was a little grainy (humidity), which made for a softer toffee, but oh so delicious!

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