May and more recipes

The weather here can’t seem to decide whether it’s spring or not. Yesterday felt like winter again, so we were back to chili and cornbread, while today was mid 70s and humid, meaning we had chicken Caesar salad for dinner. The recipes I’m looking at are all over the map.

First up, I found a recipe for Mexican chorizo — which is fresh, not smoked like Spanish chorizo. For some odd reason, it’s much harder to get fresh Mexican food in eastern Pennsylvania than it was when we lived in California! I’ll probably try a small batch first (next week, maybe) and see whether it meets with my husband’s approval (I’m nowhere near as picky as he is about chorizo); if it works, we’ll be having chorizo, eggs, and tortillas for breakfast more regularly!

Then, the wonderful Beth Cato posted a recipe for buttery beer bread. This sounds wonderful to me, and I haven’t been using my mini loaf pans anywhere near often enough!

And to finish off for now, the one recipe I’ve actually made this week: magic seven layer cookie bars. Now, let’s be honest — there are not seven layers here. The graham crackers and butter are blended together, which means at most there are six layers, and that’s assuming the butterscotch and chocolate chips don’t intermix to form a single layer. Doesn’t matter; they’re still delicious. And I get half the batch to myself because I used pecans on top! (If I’d used almonds, my son would want them all. He’s happy with the ones without nuts, though.)

Any new recipes on your radar this week?

2 thoughts on “May and more recipes

  1. Thanks for linking to my recipe!

    I totally understand your dilemma of finding good, fresh Mexican food on the east coast. When my husband was stationed in South Carolina, I was appalled that the only tortillas at the commissary were made in Wisconsin! And they were like cardboard, too. *shudder*

    I hope your chorizo turns out well!

    • My pleasure. It looks like a great recipe.

      Tortillas from Wisconsin? The horror! When my husband has time, he makes flour tortillas from scratch. Yum!

      Crossing my fingers on the chorizo.

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