New feature!

So, you lucky people (if there are indeed any reading this blog, which I take leave to doubt), I’ve come up with a new idea to amuse you while I’m a) working on craft projects but don’t yet have anything to show for it, b) writing on Corn Maze Murders, and c) planning out another mystery series I might launch next year. What is this fascinating new idea, you ask?


More specifically, I subscribe to several recipe blogs and occasionally visit food sites on the Net, so I figure once a week, I can post a few links and a discussion of what drew me to a particular recipe (as well as any comments if I’ve actually tried it).

First up this week is Bailey’s Fudge Squares. Fudge deserves to be its own food group. It ranges from creamy melt-in-your mouth foodstuff to granular penuche to almost chewy with bits of nutmeat tossed in. Marshmallows, marshmallow creme, nuts, and other fixings can be added. And Bailey’s Irish Cream? Quite possibly my favorite alcoholic drink, even above hard cider or champagne. So this recipe grabbed my attention because it promises to be wonderfully indulgent.

I haven’t made it yet because I’m the only one in the house who likes nuts in fudge, and that’s a fair amount if Irish cream liqueur for me to consume by myself. (Oh, sure, there are people out there who could be reasonable and moderate and just eat one piece at a time. I cannot guarantee to be such a person.)

Next up is chicken and rice with shrimp and chorizo. Paella, basically. Yum! The only problem I have with this recipe is I prefer Mexican chorizo (which is an uncooked sausage) to Spanish chorizo. I’d probably substitute Andouille sausage in the recipe. This type of hearty meal will have to wait until the weather cools off again, and because of the shrimp, it’ll probably be reserved for a special occasion as well — perhaps my birthday?

Last for this week is saffron, honey, and orange ice cream. I love homemade ice cream. We got an ice cream maker as a wedding present, and I make sure it gets used every summer. This recipe sounds simple and elegant, so I’m looking forward to trying it out when the weather warms up a bit.