Oh, for the wings of a dragon

Kim Harrison created her own pattern for a knitted dragon (if you want to check it out, it starts with the supply list), and being me, I immediately thought, “I want to do that!” Of course, my next thought was that each of my kids would be unhappy if I knitted a dragon for the other one first, so the only way to resolve this dilemma was to make one for myself.

However, I’m slow. Not so much when I sit down to do the work, but rather when trying to figure out how to slot it in around reading and work and planning novels and working on edits for the year-past-due mystery … which is why I have one and three-fifths wings done when the knit-along is so very much past that.

Left dragon wing

Left dragon wing

Right dragon wing

Right dragon wing

In fact, you’ll see if you look at these photos of the wings in progress, I added the third panel of the right wing to the wrong side, and I have to take it back off and sew it on the other side (which puts me at somewhat less than three-fifths of that wing done).

One thing this is definitely showing me is that I don’t have time and energy for more than one hobby thing at a time. The only way to have time to knit is to not sketch, color, crochet, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I’m going to keep knitting (I want my dragon!), but that did mean I gave up my goal for sketching every day. Alas!

(And now my daughter wants a homemade Halloween costume, which is going to slow down my progress. Ah, well.)

2 thoughts on “Oh, for the wings of a dragon

  1. Hugs on the side switch, but what you’ve got looks pretty darn good. You’ll have fun with the dragon whenever you get it done :).

    • I absolutely will!

      I’m rather enjoying being low-key about how fast I’m getting things done. 🙂

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