The first cup

teacup with blue flowers

The cup Mom gave me.

When I got married, my bridesmaids held a tea party for me as my bridal shower, and everyone gave me a teacup. Neither my mom nor my future mother-in-law came, but they both sent teacups. This is the one my mom sent.

Tears came to my eyes when I opened this cup. This china set had been her mother’s, and when Mom sent me the cup, I felt like it came from both of them. This was my link with family history, and someday, I may have to pass it on to my own little girl.

It’s appropriate to start this blog with this cup because my mom is the one who first introduced me to cozies. I’m pretty sure that I owe my love of both Agatha Christie and Rex Stout directly to her, and we’ve traded recommendations (and many, many books) over the years. We don’t always agree on authors (she doesn’t care for Dorothy L. Sayers, for example), but we share a love of mystery and a love of tea.

2 thoughts on “The first cup

  1. What a lovely cup, and what a lovely connection to your ancestry.

    I have a few dishes that were my grandmother’s — not her good china, but the plates and bowls she used every day. They help keep me grounded in my life.

    • Thank you!

      Keep you grounded — what a wonderful way to stay connected. 🙂

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